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2021July 19, 2010 : : 入門講座おさらいお茶会レポート
≪入門講座おさらいお茶会レポート≫ 梅雨が明け、夏真っ只中。暑いですね。 我が家は娘の期末テストが終わり、...
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2021July 12, 2010 : : July Start Olfactory Reaction Analyzer Introduction and Basic Course
毎日の体調管理に。 嗅覚の反応で、いろんな健康法(精油・食事・運動など)から自分に合った方法をチョイスし体...
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2021年7月6日 : : Private lessons have also been popular since last year.
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2021In July, 2 pm : : "Ka kaguwa" 3 days business day from today
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2021June 29, 2008 : : <7月生募集 嗅覚反応分析士 入門・基礎講座ご案内>
毎日の体調管理に。 嗅覚の反応で、いろんな健康法(精油・食事・運動など)から自分に合った方法をチョイス...
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It is a cute Mall of Church Street in ogikubo Station North exit 3 min. walk aromatherapy school.

Ecole de flooring aromatherapy Tokyo
-Possible booking date like "free system"
-Perspective six qualification.

Aromatherapy that soothes the mind and body, soothing scent as well as mental health care.
Attracting attention as alternative medicine to improve symptoms not considered sick and ailing body before becoming ill, with the power of essential oils with care.
In addition to help concentrate of beauty, sports, study, work and care.
How to heal yourself first of all, next to healing those around to family.
And support so you can practice what I learned, such as how you want to qualify at work.

School Overview
It is a 6 course there is hope for anyone who enjoys making people learn from the basic aromas, attractive aromas convey who want to learn, heal pet, family wants to heal people, respectively.
[Reservation system and small classes]
Private lessons classes and baby's & children with there class aroma men's classes-kids classes.
School description and qualifications acquired various consultations, please please tell us.

Diploma courses

Baby & child massage and aromatherapy course
You can learn solid barf what fits in a short period of time.
Initiates a certification diploma.

Born in Kumamoto Prefecture, Tokyo, Suginami-Ku, is now living in.
2 girls(High school and elementary school students)And 4 my husband's family.
Desire and realize the splendor of effect of aroma and felt strongly about the importance of preventive medicine estate Ocean estan s tractor experience, learn aromatherapy aroma in and people would know and get teachers involved.
Beauty industry more than 28 years of experience.
Hobby is cooking, handicrafts, Bikram Yoga and lava baths.
The-makeup artist school(Cash from hand make up Academy)In the 1st year, total beauty and esthetics Department one year and learn.
And experience Manager at the Salon of beauty makers"With Sothys.(Sothys)Of duty as an instructor.
2000After the older woman gave birth, "forest Bill Hills" at work from the open preparation.
At that time start little by little to study aromatherapy.
Meet childbirth Associates doubt maternity hospital giving birth to second daughter, to become familiar with the Oriental medicine, preventive medicine, macrobiotics and the stimulus. And the experience improved hay in aromatherapy, aroma mainly to prepare.
I realized even the effectiveness of aromatherapy to families and children.
And women want from this experience by trial and error time can work along with the child's growth and range of activities has been stepped up as learning day by day.

-NARDJAPAN Association of aroma and advisers accredited school

-NARD JAPAN Association

●Olfactory Reaction Analyzer Qualification Course
嗅覚で心と体を読み解く嗅覚反応分析 - AHIS 一般社団法人 健康包括支援協会

-Japan aromacordinator Association

Please note that may become some look at the Terminal.
-Japan aromacordinator Association of hand treatment qualifications

● Japan JMAA animal clinical veterinary group pet selfcaretherapest accredited by Association