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Information on holding an introductory course online of olfactory response analyst

«Introduction to the sense of smell reaction analyst zoom introduction course May-July schedule≫Why not learn "olfactory reaction analysis" which prepares the body and mind by the reaction of the sense of smell reaction analysis sense that can be used for daily physical condition management? By using the olfactory analysis that can graph the reaction of the sense of smell that is said to have gathered information throughout the body, you can check what to choose while also managing the physical condition of the exercise of meals and change of mood. And, the check of the olfactory reaction analysis is three minutes! Easy! In the introductory course, what is olfactory reaction analysis? Learn to learn. Learning aromas can be expanded by knowing the evolutionary aromas of logical aromatherapy. You can learn knowledge beyond medical aromas ★ learning in the introductory course of the introduction to the smell response analyst .*****. [Olfactory reaction analysis is patented] ★ learn snot from the olfactory reaction analysis. ★ you can purchase a simple kit of olfactory reaction analysis. «Schedule for May-July 2020»zoom course 6 hours 3 times((1)(2)(3))×2 hours】 (1) (2) (3) please choose. <講座1回目> (1) 5/8()14:00 - 16:00 (1)14(tree)20:30 - 22:30 (1) 6/9()10:00 - 12:00 (1)7/12(Day)13:00 to 15:00<講座2回目> (2) 5/15()14:00 - 16:00 (2) 21(tree)20:30 - 22:30 (2) 6/16()10:00 - 12:00 (2) 7/19(Day)13:00 -15:00<講座3回目> (3) 5/28(tree)20:30 to 22:30(3)29()14:00 to 16:00(3)6/23()10:00 to 12:00(3)7/26(Day)13:00 to 15:00*Please contact us if you would like to have a separate schedule. [zoom course 6 hours 2 times((1)(2)(3))X3 hours】 (1) 4/30(tree)10:00 to 13:00 Closed (2)5/1(Fri 10:00 to 13:00)End of reception [6 hours of course concentrated for one day] *5/20()10:00-17:00*Please contact us if you would like to have a separate schedule. People from various industries who want to use it in the person work learnt to use it for the family participate. Please consider. ・#アロマテラピー #嗅覚 # Olfactory Reaction Analysis #ホメオスタシス # Olfactory Reaction Analysis Check #アロマテラピー # Introductory Course #アロマスクール # Aroma Class #癒したい # Medical Aroma # Smell # Mental Health # Examination # Junior High School Entrance Exam # University Entrance Exam # Aroma Blend #ブレンドする # Nardo #ナードベーシック # Homeostasis #東京 # Nard Aromatherapy #杉並区 # Ogikubo Station #荻窪 #天沼 Church Street #荻窪駅北口 # Ecole Duflue Therapy Aroma Tokyo Language this page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may be different from the original contents.

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Learn about the relationship between the lower right organs read from molecular nutrition

*Bottom right: Knowing the relationship between the lower right organ * Olfactory response analyst Action Transformation Department Tokyo Reiwa TORIO Club Activities 1st Skill-up seminar for olfactory response analysts Call a professor of molecular nutrition to read the IM chart from Molecular Nutrition! Series, start. We invite experts who are olfactory reaction analysts and are experts with knowledge of nutritionists and molecular nutrition, and talk about molecular nutrition and olfactory reaction analysis, while listening to the relationship between nutrients and internal organs in the lower right, and the experience of graph changes in nutritional guidance. Our body is all made of nutrients: to know the relationship between the lower right organs read from molecular nutrition. Along with the metabolism of cells, our diet affects our nails, hair, blood and muscles, internal organs and bones. Dietary habits that do not fit the nutritional bias and constitution are also the causes of poor health and illness. In this series, you will learn the function of internal organs through the IM chart and learn about the organs and the nutrients associated with them. This is a skill-up seminar to introduce how the nutrients belonging to the lower right are absorbed, how the body is made, and the function improvement menu that approaches the lower right, and to be able to advise the measures from the meal together, anyone who has completed the olfactory reaction analyzer application course can participate. In order to stretch the right, I will also introduce a recipe with a lot of nutrition ♪============================== Recommended for such people ☆================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================== To learn from 1 , i want to learn more about the relationship between nutrients and organs * I want to update the information of the olfactory reaction analysis that does not grow easily * I want to have a horizontal connection between olfactory reaction analysts * I want to have a meaningful way to spend time at home by corona self-control * I want to satisfy the knowledge desire in the upper right * I want to enjoy cooking more in this course. We will be able to introduce the diet method and the function improvement menu which approaches from the nutrient belonging to the lower right to the internal organs, and to be able to advise the approach from the meal together. 【Lecturer Profile】Mika Kikuchi Pregnancy Power Up Food Expert Anemia, iron content, because the blood pressure is high, salt is refrained from ... In order to raise questions about the treatment therapy diet ary guidance, such as, to enhance the function of the body that a person originally has, and to make a healthy body, it is provided to more than 500 people who describe a safe and safe diet method based on consistent molecular nutrition orthomolecular therapy. Using her unique know-how on the theme of "the future can be changed by meals from today", and women who want to become more beautiful than now, while supporting women and families in pregnancy [fertility program] to raise the pregnancy power by making hormones in love [women's attractiveness up program] live on your own who wants to become a meal from today Diet ary method that becomes beautiful enough to be watched [qualification] Dietitian Orthomolecular Nutrition Professional Health Promotion Master Olfactory Reaction Analyst Medical Aroma Analyst Medical Aroma Advisor Setagaya-ku Certified Lecturer [Date and Time] June 6()*13:00 to 15:30*Break 15 minutes*15:45 to 16:45(Roundtable meetings and questions and answers)【Venue】Zoom held 20 participants only [tuition fee] ● ¥8,800 (tax included) → This time corona self-imposed support discount 7,700 (tax included) ● Itani, Small Board, Murai Trainer School Student discount 6,600(税込)※5/5(Tuesday)If you apply up to [How to apply]* Please apply from the form below https://Forms.gle/ofrod7wcNXBhDfEHA*Fleuryl Website* Please pay within 7 days from the date of application to confirm your reservation. If you are applying after May 30, please pay by June 4. *Please contact us if you are unable to participate for reasons that cannot be stopped after payment. You can transfer to the next seminar. Please note that we do not have a refund. In case of unauthorized cancellation (non-participation), transfer is not supported. Please contact us at least one hour before the start of the course. Thank you for your understanding. 【Future schedule】We have prepared a course to learn the nutrients in the lower left, top left, and upper right. Next seminar on the relationship between lower left organs read from molecular nutrition, July 18()Planned 【Sponsor】 Olfactory Response Analysis and Behavior Transformation Department Tokyo Reiwa toRIOReiwa became a olfactory reaction analyst trainer in the first year, and three people from Tokyo gathered. Olfactory Reaction Analysis and Behavior Transformation Department Tokyo Reiwa AS TORIO, we will start club activities [Tokyo Reiwa TORIO Introduction] ♦ Itani Chihiro Ogikubo Station Walk 3 minutes Walk Aroma School [Ecole de Fleurie Aromatherapy Tokyo]://When I was working as a medical-aroma.biz esthetic instructor, I became a lecturer in aromatherapy because I wanted to convey the wonders of aromatherapy because of the experience of reducing severe hay fever through aromatherapy. I want to support mothers who are raising children because of their experience shaving in balancing child rearing and work. ■ Yumi Koita's Clay Therapy and Olfactory Response Analysis Salon Class [Visit Salon Clover]://From clover-clayaroma.com/nurse experience, you will be interested in natural remedies that you can do before relying on medicine. We are currently holding a clay therapy and olfactory response analysis classroom saloon for Arafour girls to solve the problems of this age. ■ Murai Chie Kojimachi-cho's sense of smell reaction analysis class [How to play the fragrance]://chiemula.com/a-year-old who suffered from chemical hypersensitivity at a young age and has been plagued by various indefinite complaints ever since. Since i started the olfactory reaction analysis, my constitution gradually improved, and now I'm holding a classroom to tell you how wonderful it is! We aim to learn natural remedies that involve more reality by learning plants from fields and fields. #行動変容 #Olfactory Reaction Analyst #Sense of Smell #Molecular Nutrition #Nutritionist #Body Please #Home #Online #Webinar #zoom#Tokyo #Suginami Ward # Allergy # Online Learning # Club Activities # Everyone Connect #Ogikubo # Church Street # Aroma School # Medical Aroma Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may be different from the original contents.

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Olfactory Response Analyst Basic Course zoom Online April-June Information >

It is a guide of the basic course zoom online to understand the mind and the body by the sense of smell. The sense of smell reaction analysis is a tool that can be suggested to be able to do what can be improved when you feel stressed, tired, easy to get depressed, and irritated. The olfactory reaction analysis learns the state of the body and the color from the taste of the fragrance, and proposes "better choice" suitable for the state. There seems to be various names though the course on the Internet is called web, online, and remote. Zoom's online courses are also getting used to, and it's fun to see and connect with your face. I think it's easy to ask questions. 【Olfactory Reaction Analyst Basic Course】 Learn the basics of olfactory reaction analysis. First of all, i data myself by the technology to measure the health condition from the sense of smell reaction to the fragrance called IM check. And, the state is analyzed by an original health management index called IM chart, and the aroma, the diet, the exercise, and the health method which was in me are understood. 【Outline】 Physical anthropomorphism , IM check , IM chart , thing scares , olfactory reaction , role of cerebral marginal system , problems of alternative therapy and im check response [benefits for this school course] *Fleurire course has created original supplemental materials with substantial contents. *We have a follow-up system after the course. *We invite you to the LINE group of the school OB where you can ask questions at any time. *After the course, we provide a place to assist in external courses as a school OB and to work as an event staff. *You can purchase aroma products, containers, etc. at a discounted price for school students. 【Course time】12 hours(Two to six split courses) 【Course schedule】3 hours × 4 times proposal ※Other times can be set according to your choice. Please contact us. (1)4/13()(2)20()(3)11()(4)18() Duration 10:00 to 13:00 *Full (1)4/23(tree)(2)30(tree)(3)5/7(tree)(4)13() Duration 10:00 to 13:00 (1)5/2()(2)10(Day)(3)16()(4)23() Duration 13:00 to 16:00 (1)5/12()(2)19()(3)26()(4)6/2() Duration 10:00 to 13:00 (1)6/14(Day)(2)21(Day)(3)28(Day)(4)7/5(Day) Duration 13:00 to 16:00 【Cost of study】 Please check the basic course of the basic course of the olfactory reaction analyst ⇒ the list of qualifications ⇒ 【Payment method】 Bank transfer and card payment(Cashless) 【How to apply】 From the website ⇒ inquiry form ※ Please apply 10 days before the start date. *Before that, we also offer an online school experience where you can try out what an online course looks like. [...]

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4Notice from monthly operation

コロナウィルスの感染者は日に日に増えております。 危機的状況にあるようです。 皆様、いかがお過ごしでしょうか? 対面講座は3月からオンラインでの講座に変更して対応しておりますが 引き続き、4月もオンラインで対応致します。 スクール体験・嗅覚反応分析チェックもオンラインで対応しております。 オンライン講座も慣れたら、とても楽しいものです。 実際会っているのと変わらないようで オンラインですが、この時期に沢山の方と お会いできるのは嬉しいですね。 又、アロマ製品を発送してます。 〈KENSO・プラナロム・フロリハナ・オーガニック化粧品 等〉 今の辛い時期をアロマテラピーで心も身体もリラックス・リフレッシュして お過ごしください。 #コロナウィルス#危機的状況#対面講座#オンライン #スクール体験#嗅覚反応分析チェック#オンライン講座#アロマ製品 #kENSO#プラナロム#フロリハナ#オーガニック化粧品 #アロマテラピー#心も身体もリラックス#リフレッシュ #東京#杉並区#荻窪#天沼#アロマスクール #メディカルアロマ#アロマテラピー #エコール・ドゥ・フルーリール・アロマテラピー東京Languageこのページは自動的に翻訳されました。元の内容と異なる場合がありますので、ご注意ください。

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