Introduction to Olfactory Response Analysts

It is in the middle of winter, but the warm and bright atmosphere of Hawaii is as it is, and it shakes the energy power as it is.🌺Fernandez, a hula dance instructor who has studied at the University of Hawaii(Fernandez)Mr. Etsuko.🌺http://Www.nuenuemaemae.com Introductory Course of Olfactory Response Analysts "To know yourself, not to be biased in how you think and feel, and to sharpen your senses and intuition... As aroma so(Olfactory)I was surprised that it was useful. Since the occupation values the connection between the sky, the sea, the earth, plants, the head, the mind, and the body, i was able to see the original power of plants and the way of interacting with human instincts, and i was more and more interested in them. If you can meet Etsuko every day, you'll be a wonderful person who can have a lot of fun and energetic days. From now on, I hope that you will be able to use olfactory reaction analysis to become an item that will be useful for hula dancing guidance. We will continue to follow you. Thank you very much for taking this course. #嗅覚反応分析士 #嗅覚反応分析 # Introduction to Olfactory Response Analyzer #入門講座 # Medical Aroma #東京アロマスクール # Hula Dance #ケアヌエヌエアマエマエ # Fernandez Etsuko #東京都葛飾区 # Introductory Course Impressions #ハワイ # Bright and Energetic Hula Dance Instructor Language Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may be different from the original contents.

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I passed the olfactory reaction analyst trainer test!

We are currently joining 15 olfactory response analysts trainers nationwide. For those who are studying olfactory reaction analysis, there are a wide variety of industries as well as those in the aroma industry. In the aroma industry, esthetic industry, acupuncturist, judo therapist, pharmacist, nutritionist, sports, yoga instructor, kids athlete, mom raising children, family with caregivers, etc., various industries are also participating as described above. I think that the type of industry which wants to learn is various in this way because the olfactory reaction analysis is not aroma, and the advice such as the diet and the movement is wide. The olfactory reaction analyst trainer is qualified to be able to offer the Basic Course of The Olfactory Response Analyst. [Basic course of the olfactory reaction analyst] Among the five senses of the human being, you will learn the olfactory reaction analysis using the reaction of [sense of smell] that is most susceptible to preconceived notions. In the basic course, you will be able to choose and advise on aromatherapy, diet, exercise, disease prevention, health methods, etc. that match your constitution. 【Introduction to olfactory reaction analyst】Olfactory reaction analysis that suggests a method of problem solving, looking from likes and dislikes of fragrance to not only the constitution but also the psychological state. In the introductory course, students will learn about the reverse of fragrance, which is the basis of the theory. 《Course≫Introduction to Olfactory Response Analysts ↓Basic Course for Olfactory Response Analysts ↓Applied Course for Olfactory Response Analysts ↓Net Test Olfactory Response Analyst Basic Course This may take a few moments. #嗅覚反応分析 #Olfactory Response Analyzer #Olfactory Reaction Analyzer Trainer #Exam Pass #Olfactory Reaction Analyst Introductory Course #Sense Of Smell Response Analyst Basic Course #Medical Aroma #Tokyo #アロマスクール #Suginami-ku #天沼#Church Street #Ecole DufleurL Aromatherapy Tokyo #Nutrition #キッズアスリート# Examination Support #受験Languageこのページは自動的に翻訳されました. Please note that it may be different from the original contents.

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Introduction to Olfactory Reaction Analysis [12-February Schedule]

The number of families of the students taking the first lesson sit-in sat in The Monthly Course. It is now time of the catch-up. We support mental care for cold, flu prevention, and examination by olfactory reaction analysis. «Aroma care to energize the physical condition and mind to the examinee who can do every day» ★ Wake up refreshed in the morning, let's put up a habit of being able to concentrate on the aroma ★ study with a clear feeling of the start of the day. ★ aroma bath that warms the cold body that comes home from cram school: the posture you are studying is a burden on your eyes, shoulders, hips, and hips. ★ Massage with aroma oil that suits the child's physical condition Let's overcome a painful time when the care feeling of about five minutes that the happy hormone can be active becomes positive without becoming it. How do you choose aromas? By using the olfactory analysis that can graph the reaction of the sense of smell that is said to have gathered information throughout the body, you can check what to choose while also managing the physical condition of the exercise of meals and change of mood. And, the check of the olfactory reaction analysis is three minutes! Easy! It is just before the examination, but there is still an application of the examinee mom. Why don't you use the olfactory reaction analysis tool to support the candidates who are still in time? 《Introduction to Olfactory Response Analyst» Why don't you learn "olfactory reaction analysis" that prepares your body and mind with the response of the sense of smell? ★ learn knowledge beyond medical aromas. [Olfactory reaction analysis is patented] ★ learn snot from the olfactory reaction analysis. ★ you can purchase a simple kit of olfactory reaction analysis. 【Lecture s((1)(2))×3 hours] (1) (2) please choose. The order doesn't matter which one comes first. (1)12/17()10:00 - 13:00 (1)20()10:00 - 13:00 (1)23()14:30-17:30 (1)1/14/2020()14:30 - 17:30 (1)1/21() 10:00 - 13:00 (1)2/19()10:30- 13:30 (1)2/26()14:00 - 17:00 (2)23()10:30-13:30 (2)2020 1/14()10:30 - 13:30 (2)1/21()14:00 - 17:00 (2)2/19()14:30- 17:30 (2)2/26()10:00-13:00 *Please contact us if you would like to go on a separate date. 【6 hours of course concentrated for one day】 *12/23()10:30 to 17:30 *1/14/2020()10:30 - 17:30 *1/21()10:00 - 17:00 *2/19()10:30 - 17:30 *2/26()10:00-17:00 *Please contact us if you would like to go on a separate date. #アロマテラピー #嗅覚 [...]

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