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5Start in January! Nard Aroma Advisor Course

Start ing from May It is a time when the busy schedule settles down such as graduation entrance and new life of the aroma advisor course. Among the qualifications of aroma, we are guided by the Nard Aroma Advisor course, which focuses on the ingredients of organic chemistry. It is the content to be able to learn the basic knowledge thoroughly. <講座内容>*May 22()Start with! *Every Wednesday class(Students can use the day other than Wednesday for convenience.)*Basic lessons 2 lessons per day(Relatively short-term pace.)*Depending on your circumstances, you can also consult with you about changing the lesson date. *You can also pay every time. *All 12 lessons(2-3 hours/1 lesson)* Making aroma craft every time * Full reel original(Deepen understanding using models of materials, distillation experiences, and organic chemistry)*After you've learned all the career oil s and floral water, after graduation, not only the purpose of taking the qualifications <受講におすすめの方> on-site experience with the staff who help you, such as business trip courses, but those who want to learn aromas well, but want to organize your knowledge, apply for participation #天沼 #杉並区 #ナードアドバイザー. #エコールドゥフルーリールアロマテラピー東京Languageこのページは自動的に翻訳されました. Please note that it may be different from the original contents.

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