2017Held in December.
"Tokyo Kasei University affiliated junior high school and high school PTA-like.
He gave a business course.

«Barf workshop questionnaire for women and families h29/62/2 (Saturday)»
And you want to check the effective use today. (2 people)
-Explanation and became very interested in the barf.
-Life redang. (2 people)
-Very easy to make and fun. (2 people)
And I would like to try.
Is not, in perfume, much like cold and flu prevention spray
I made.
And I want to leverage this winter.
And I use the firm later this year and wants to pick up the holidays healthy year.
-Teacher talk very plainly the explanation, was that between the time it was.
(C) (2 people)
-Good flavor wrapped very relaxed, could participate in the workshop.
And so for now.
-Hear the word aroma is barf learned the first time. (C) (2 people)
Aggressive treatment can also be used as very interesting.
-To learn more now.
Want to make at home. (2 people)
-As in experiments, fun. (C)
-If the effect another try. (2 people)
• Aromatherapy embraces life, but wanted to make aroma extraction methods, effects, and how to choose, students
Was made. (C)
And we could not learn it even if interested, very good opportunities. (2 people)
And I think this occasion a bit more barf want to learn. (A and B safety)
And since I use aroma very helpful.
• Try aromatherapy for menopause don't have, so is fun.
And was very friendly kind of aromas, ingredients and efficacy. (6 people)
-Check yourself, you want to use in a lot.
And tell us the effects of scents and want for future reference.
-Made with organic essential oils aromatherapy, was a very valuable experience (A-C)
And safe thanks to the lecture wanted to secure.
And about the aromatic ingredient story I am glad.
-Easy effective effects and smells like there is also fragrant and survived.
• Menopause likely rider.

We received inviting PTA officers, on the day of us working as a staff member and now owe a lot.
Thank you very much.

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