"And Tokyo Kasei University Women's junior high to high school PTA's travel Department" report

☆ menopause symptoms relaxation aromas.
☆ menstrual pain relief gel
☆ cold and flu prevention aroma spray
Your choice from these three items a week.
I like a lot of girls recently I suffering from menstrual cramps and PTS in middle and high school students.
But do not take your pills, stand in front of me, but I think that first of all is a fundamental improvement in diet and lifestyle. I think that aroma before pain is expected in a menstrual cycle, can be prevented. Again, is to ease the pain when pain medication and a different approach. I try can thus healed in aroma therapy and primal therapy as well.
Physiology pain relief as well as menopause symptom relief is.
Will become a significant advantage at this time to adjust the State of mind is the aroma?

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