Basic course content is, of course, feature on flooring

★ taught by tutors have experience working in a salon, Spa, day care, so
You can learn knowledge suitable for various applications.

★ touch in the technical sense. It is very important. Procedures manual, push, just with does not end,
A subtle sense of pressure and rhythm will be direct supervision.


「ハンドトリートメントで活躍するキャリアオイル&メディカルアロマ入門講座」を特別価格にて提供致します。(Applicants only)

• Notes on using essential oils


・ KENSOアロママッサージオイル5種類×20ml=100ml

Hand treatment to work, the firm should have a fundamental knowledge that is
Clients also believe leads to the confidence in, and would be pleased to do your job.

★ graduation as OB in flooring field experience opportunities.
Also, consult the questions has been answered.
It is because I think there are various questions that wouldn't go to work, you want to consult.

In addition to

★ Learn alone without the essential oil massage, think you better fit the hand treatment to be eligible for various health, essential oils is not satisfied with the way.

★ hand treatment to the tool work learn well.
Using the towel is important as the environment in a more comfortable position, receive treatment comfortably.

★ DVD with photo documentation, you can check home education from being included in textbooks.

★ an assist off getting a hand treatment entitlement system trainers.
Registered trainer and activities in the classroom and culture qualified leaders as
Further, put on the website of the Association.