"Japanese spirit of sticking to learn oil & hydrolat.
< Miyagawa forestry >

The scent of the forest
Heart and hormone balance
A gift from Earth

Forestry Miyagawa, Mie Prefecture "Odai" domestic industrial oils and contains learning.
Create a skin lotion spray forest and trees.

Big whole in the UNESCO Park Cedar Valley
Nature was nurtured by the warming of the climate on the mark there are
Clear Miyagawa River area
Osugi Valley among nature's bounty as "odai" delivers.
Extracted from trees growing naturally ODAI-Cho
Natural ingredients 100% essential oils and distilled water
Plenty of contains active ingredient effective heart and skin.

[You will learn:
* Mie Miyagawa forestry information
* Forest therapy
* Reading the essential oils work in chemistry
* Essential information
* Three Odai essential oils
* Tree fragrance distilled water 2
* Craft Recipes & Recipe

[Handmade items]
* Forest spray
* Tree skin lotion

<講座代>\4,500 Tax


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