I went to the Japan Association of breast see breast cancer preventive,".

9:10-17:00 1Complete the course is.
Because my mother was breast cancer(Now I'm fine)The theme felt closer to home.
Japan aromacordinator Association, knee care famous narabayashi Sensei organized Department.
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Such as blue clinic Aoyama calms Naito "breast cancer is preventable in the scientific" prevention method of prevention in medicine and nutrition.
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○ How breast cancer prevention by aroma narabayashi teacher and breast massage is a practice, narabayashi I was taught to every one.
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Aroma anti-tumor effect of essential oils and learned together with the clinical data essential for cancer prevention.
○ 1 Italian teacher "1 ITA pose expression hormonal balance, breathing and prevent breast cancer 5.
It is famous for infertility and pregnancy yoga teacher's 1 Italian teacher, but
Further not be cancer Yoga students.
I'm breathing is very nice, and is an easy way for anyone, but looks can be no stiff neck last.
Breathe deeply and smoothly.
It was a Department can learn from experts in each field for breast cancer prevention approach.
Then you can care for yourself.
It is breast cancer prevention do yourself at home.
This is very important!
Re-examined by the breast cancer? I did seven years ago, attended the hospital several times and test-retest period. If you know it at that time, I fled out of fear of it. As a result, because it was a benign now not too late!.
If once they have spent such anxiety Yes the students why do not you?
Japan breast Association http://j-breast-a.com/
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