<ナード講師が教えるベビー&チャイルドマッサージとキャリアオイル&おススメ精油&クラフト作り講座 全4回>

Is the course each time the craft can introduce age recommended essential oils and use up to puberty and grow from a baby child massage with massage and SSM oil for more information.
The learning baby massage, but carrier oils are really good with this oil? The aromas you want to incorporate, but when how safe? As for relieve anxiety.

<全4回>\25,000+Tax 8 hours

☆ 1 first 120 minutes
* Massage precautions
* Massage lessons(In the first half)
About * using massage oils
* We recommend carrier oils
* Massage oil making

☆ 2 nd 120 minutes
* Massage(In the late)
* Note essential oil use in the baby & child
* Recommended essential oils
* Creating blends essential oils for diffuser

☆ 3rd 120 minutes
* Massage full process review
* Main information
* Free aromatherapy soap making

☆ 4th 120 minutes
* Age different massage methods
* Heal moms
* Mama's for blending oils

(1) (2) (3) (4) times in the hopes of the students set.
From the application form applicants

The leaders of baby massage courses.
About using ☆ massage carrier oil.
About the use of essential oils!
Featured craft in ☆ baby massage class
You will learn from the viewpoint of chemical nerd instructor.
480 / 4 total: 30,000 tax
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