Was held at the General Society President, military field daiki Shogakukan.

General Department for
Army field teacher from Osaka to Tokyo. Become a course at Shogakukan
Did the Department of membership because it is a rare opportunity to participate in the study, with additional seats.

Aroma shop once owned by army field teacher
Was married to establish balance in the third medison. By word of mouth and said
For some reason though aroma shop
"I want to get married! "And that had customers coming into the store.
Were called in to the marriage life party aroma shop owner is.
Just to be somebody.
This content. It is in the aroma.
It is said that third medison.
Other in their reproductive lives consulting.
In the aroma. What is the.
As usual black humor and the Department of fun it was.

And the third medison. In an introductory course will held the flooring.
What course do you want to know the
The inquiry form "school experience & briefings" to come.

Month 11-4-5, held at military Park teacher's basic course, Tokyo, Shinjuku
2Short days long, but it is a fun course for.
Basic course in military field teacher responsible for valuable opportunities.
Everybody, please have look forward to.

Army field teacher blog ' man what's wrong with the aroma! "