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-Nard Advisor qualification course student comments

Fujimoto, Mika(Beauty salon management)

This is the aesthetician 20 years experience.
Techniques in hand do not use equipment that conducts treatment center. I wanted to be able to further satisfy your hunting in the aroma.
I thought easy to convey to your course is very easy to understand so you can tell far deeper.
Again, like I was, better not to have cosmetic work as an esthetician who know a lot.
Into effect and the need that they feel by your practitioner is to convey the goodness of.

[Fujimoto Salon]
Setagaya-Ku, Chitose karasuyama station walk 5 minutes
-From beauty and healing Salon-APHRODITE-Aphrodite

Like kosann(Suginami-Ku, living in small 6 female and mother of small boys 3)

I thought that touched, wearing a lavender when previously burned children if no blisters will also be impressive and want to know more.
Ingredients such as we describe in the Department, and the effect was convinced in theory.

-Nard basic qualification course student comments

Nanako's(Suginami-Ku, living in small 6 girl's mother)

When I lost my motivation from diseases that in the past, I found aromatherapy. Think aromatherapy rely on drug resistance, but safe, will attend.
That stuff every time you go and cheer. I learned things that smell, just by applying the effect. Happily I learned a lot.

Drilling Peterson(The mother of Suginami-Ku lives in adults and college students)

Aromas had the effect on my daughter's eczema to wanting more and participate. Wrapped in the scent aroma crafts by hand every time is a time of bliss.

Hiromi Peterson(Suginami-Ku, living in female university students and high school sophomore girl's mother)

Originally, aroma was interested, so I attended.
In detail explained about essential oils, can be useful in everyday life.
Scent is healed from back home, able to make items that will help every living thing. While more and more everyday use essential oils might effect can have.
We also thank you.

Mr. M(Mother of Meguro-Ku lives in society and male college students)

For the first time learn the essential oils have medicinal, was a series of surprises in every department.
Essential oils are very familiar and straightforward story of the teacher, could attend the course fun.
Or just simply enjoy the aroma of good, mentally weak I action of essential oils for a variety of conditions are ill, we pursue is.

-Third medison introductory lecture course feedback

-Third medison check feedback

And feed me(The mother of Suginami-Ku lives in high school two years student girls, middle school 1st grade boys)

Reverse the night of my high school age daughter and others, was suffering from behavioral problems.
Try picked mobile, because it happens every morning, which only caused, or consult your school counselor teacher... the parents fight constantly, was becoming nervous breakdown.
I learned about told the spirited teacher treatments went whining to an unfamiliar third medison.
Third medison check diagnostic results and then received advice about lifestyle, exercise, food, drinks, etc, have concocted the perfect oil for now.
It was convincing, so my daughter to try. To me above all worried as a parent-child relationship with their daughter, parenting problems, this situation was certain substances(Aroma)The thing that could be improved(That may be 責menakute yourself)It is quickly became easy to care about. Effect was from the first day.
Pour the aroma had near the time you want happening concocted for her daughter.
It is now occurring is always more clearly and smoothly, but annoyingly 怒鳴らなくて. Mood somehow even better.
Calm each other down, can the conversation. I think I just started, let's continue for a while.

-JAA aromacordinator qualification course student comments

Midori(Suginami-Ku, in junior high school girl's mother)
Private lessons to your home

If you are striving to improve the recovery while incorporating the sick without medicine just rely on natural and began to study of thoughts.
Now that is useful to family health and health management.
Thanks saved details one by one while clearly carefully taught, studied pace also have fit here is full.

-Flooring original course student comments

-Thoughts of esthetic & aroma Salon "Grand Jete'

SANAE(Live in Suginami, 50s)
Aroma body & facial treatments course

I continue treatment, will be 10 to 15 years. Rather, should repeatedly have 10 years to skin tone is bright clarity continues.
Not feeling bad at the fragrance became part of their lives.
Face is, of course, what few spots! And the flow of lymph is experience.

Drilling Peterson(Live in Suginami, 50s)
Aroma body & facial treatments course

Menopause and the staff ask secret friends stagger was always in good health, shining in a slump and spirited.
Well, reducing the amount of drugs were taking in the now healed to the oil massage and aroma and happy family.
Thank you very much.

I wonder if Mr.(Suginami-Ku, in 20s)
Facial treatments course

Calluses on the face, such as taking the skin overall compared to the previous white. In addition, Ke is our skin, so skin problems and acne-prone skin facial, then less likely to get acne, skin is now less likely.

People jam(Suginami-Ku, in 20s)
Aroma body & facial treatments course

After you fall asleep during the treatment combination of aromas and the menu fit everytime you treatment, so much good and ended up very clean has.
The slump in his insight into where you can deal with and am delighted.
Every time the next book is fun.

Sumire's(Suginami-Ku, living in university students)
Aroma body & facial treatments course

Through the assured in my weak skin ideal proportions and aroma treatment with us.
Very good and refreshing.

See kasann(Suginami-Ku, residing in 40s)
Facial treatments course

Chihiro's treatment begins first day health check.
Who blend the oil necessary for me today from the original oil, me with my own treatment.
And over, massage soothes away the hitch part hurts when he treated to approximate the results sometimes, but have a general clean. Feelings of calm, blissful time.

Only Miho(Higashi-Murayama city in 30s)
Maternity treatment(Foot & facial)Course

Sick of the body during pregnancy, had swollen hands and feet.
In the 9 months of pregnancy is hard for a long time back, but in landscape orientation with effortless system foot treatments, relaxing and Nice. Also, lighter legs balanced swelling after treatment.
Clogged pores during pregnancy, facial, made of black speckles appear on the nose, had become concerned about.
Facial pores aspiration to see the jam was a little better. Scented with an aroma that was comfortable and refreshing.

And feed me(Suginami-Ku, residing in 40s)
Facial treatments course

Shoulder badly, sagging of the face is care, through Grand jute, every few months I care mainly facial and back.
Chihiro's soft, peaceful atmosphere and pleasant aroma with fragrance, while receiving treatment is helpful. The treatment technology is indeed what was backed by very high expertise and many years of experience.
Tightened face, comes a day after treatment, waste flows or to friends ' thin? "And is heard.
I think maybe are no stress, look brighter.
When Chihiro's level of treatment is sought in a luxury salon in downtown, and no hands.
Would very much appreciate you have included housewife continues as the same child-rearing age, attend. It is a small intimate salon in the shopping district.

Mr. Yoshimi(Nerima-Ku lives in 50s)
Aroma body back treatment course

Took off as the heavy shell and becomes lighter, improved pain from tension, stiffness of the neck so badly I have do aroma treatment fit here every time, so at best it is nice!
Feel relaxed, so will be sleeping every time.